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     "I first sought out Kara at Renewed Balance Northwest when my then three year old English Mastiff first strained his knee rendering him with no mobility.  I first took him to our local trusted Veterinarian and all preliminary testing was inconclusive in regards to if his injury required surgery to fix his mobility.  The Veterinarian suggested exploratory surgery which would allow him to repair any damage that he found.  This kind of surgery would see with it a three month recovery and a large amount of money.  After discussing it with my Veterinarian we decided to give it a little time before opting for surgery and it was suggested to me to try animal massage.   After the first couple sessions my Mastiff was able to begin putting weight on the limb and eventually regained full use and mobility from the injured leg. I continued with services for a few months and was very happy with the results. 

     Some years later my giant beast developed a primary malignant neoplasm (aggressive bone cancer) in one of his front legs.  The outlooks were not promising.  Due to the limitations in recovery and quality of life I had to make a very hard decision to make him as comfy and happy as I could for his remaining time with us.  When in the course of a few months he started collecting fluid in the limb, from swelling, and was starting to suffer negative effects from lack of mobility I didn’t hesitate to pick up the phone and start services again with Renewed Balance Northwest.  Through massage she was able to help him with his mobility constraint issues and alleviate some of the fluid and accompanying pain from his growing neoplasm.  Even though he couldn’t tell me, I firmly believe that these sessions were of great relief to him.  I am incredibly grateful for Kara and Renewed Balance Northwest and wouldn’t hesitate to seek their services in the future and recommend them to anyone looking to help their best friends in a variety of useful ways.  Thank you for everything'"


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