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Services and Rates

Sessions take place in the comfort of your home, to offer the most comfortable and stress free environment for your pet .

Initial assesment session $75.00 
An initial session involves an in depth assessment of your pet so I can decide session plans to best suit their needs. Sometimes this involves a short session at the end, and sometimes by the time I'm done assessing, they’ve had enough. Even if an actual session doesn’t happen on my first visit, your pet still benefits as throughout the assessment I'm still getting energy moving and affecting the tissues! Either way, I have gathered as much information as I can to formulate the most efficient sessions tailored specifically to your pet and their wellbeing.

**Please note-if it has been more than 3 months since I have worked on your pet, your first session back will be an assesment session so I can get a more current picture of what im working with.


Regular/Follow up/maintenance session $50.00 (generally 30 minutes-1 hour)

Minimum rate $35.00 
My services rely solely on your pets receptiveness. Some days, especially when they first start receiving massage and acupressure, they aren't able or willing to receive a full session. They need more time to process and work through the energetic changes. This is totally fine and normal. I can only work at the pace your pet allows me to. After all, these sessions are all about helping them! 

Each session varies and is dependent on what I think best suits your pets needs at the time of the session. Generally that results in a multimodality session. That can be any mix of maintenance massage techniques, rehab massage techniques, sports massage techniques, manual ligament therapy or acupressure.

Based in Issaquah. Serving Seattle's Greater Eastside and Seattle

*** Travel more than 20 miles outside the Issaquah area subject to travel fee***

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