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About our Practitioner

     From a young age, Kara always knew she wanted to work with animals in some way, but was unsure what that would end up being. She grew up with both horses and dogs and as a young teen got into endurance racing with her horse. She always thought she'd make her career in the horse world in one way or another as it was already a huge part of her life at a young age. Little did she know, the little pit bull puppy she would eventually bring home would open up so many doors and opportunities and send her careening down a career path never even on her radar.

     In 2010 it was suspected that Kara's beloved dog Indee had torn his ACL. Not wanting to rush into surgery until there was more certainty in diagnosis, it was recommended she look into massage for him. Having never heard of massage for dogs and her interest piqued, she looked into massage for him and in the same internet search found a school for animal massage and signed up for classes right then and there! (Indee recovered well with the help of Kara and without surgery, although it ended up not being torn). 

     Kara graduated from Northwest School of Animal Massage in 2012 and Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute in 2015. She is nationally certified in both small animal massage and small animal acupressure. She started Renewed Balance Northwest so she can use her knowledge and passion for animals and their well being to help the lives of animals in need of physical, emotional, and energetic balancing, as she experienced first hand the benefits and results on her own dog in his time of need.  


     Kara loves learning and expanding her knowledge in all ways possible and is excited to continue adding new modalities and techniques to her 'toolbox' to better help the animals whose lives she's privileged to touch.

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